Yacine was born and raised in Paris, where he studied technology and mechanical engineering. He grew up playing basketball as a teen and attended a few kickboxing classes. At the age of 23 Yacine left France to discover other countries: England, Southeast Asia and Canada. He says “he pretty much came here on holiday and never left”. Yacine started boxing with Eastside Boxing Club and competed at the 2nd Aprons for Gloves Tournament (2013), where Anna and Jordan were his coaches. Since then he never stopped boxing and competing. It was exactly what he needed and got him in the best shape. His wish is that anyone who wants to challenge thereself and/or look for changes in their life should try boxing based exercises. Yacine is also a fan of enduro racing (riding a dirt bike on a single track) which he tries to do every week. “Vancouver is now called home so is the ring!”

Who would play you in a movie? Denzel Washington in training day! That is some serious swag and that 79 Monte Carlo is just …

What is your favourite pastime outside of the gym? Kids, family and dirtbike!

Excuse my French, what’s your excuse? – YACINE